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SMW INFORMATION SYSTEMS shall strive to uphold the highest standards of professional, personal and business ethics and conduct at any and all times. We employ best practices in order to continue to enjoy our reputation as a highly-respected and knowledgeable Internet Marketing Consultancy Firm. We will seek to provide accurate, timely, and factual data and information at all times with all [prospective] clients and make available resolutions and realistic representations based on fact. We take pride in our role as advisor and consultant and enter into all business relationships with the intention of creating manageable and maintainable business improvements for our clients and those we advise. We will stand behind our decisions and strategies. We will continue to earn the trust of our clients by strictly adhering to these principles.


Whether you have an existing business or a brand new, out-of-the-box upstart, we meet with you to examine your operation, market dynamics and design a strategic gameplan that gets you organized and makes your competition quiver.

With focuses in Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Contracting, Information Technologies, Social Networking, Business Opportunities, Marketing and Design, our consultants light a fire in your industry that gets you noticed fast.

We bring you up to speed on what your best options are, and will develop an organized, unique course of action specific to your business that races you forward toward your goals. We specialize in breaking it down and making it relatable.

No more tire-kicking. No more coming in second place. No more settling. No more spinning your wheels.

Contact us today to take command and get ahead once and for all.


If the Internet age has taught us one thing, it is that cutting edge information is an invaluable, unexpendable ally. Information is power. Plain and simple.

Not knowing the basics condemns your business, young or old to a certain failure. Even with the basics in place, business wisdom is an ongoing adventure. Having the right tools, technology, and know-how is the firepower you need to propel you to the level of performance and profits that you have been aiming for.

We possess all of that and walk you gracefully and informatively through it all.


You grow and are no longer overwhlemed or confused as you are educated and understand the process by which it happens.

Most importantly, you will possess the confidence and control that comes with results.


Since 2001, we have been working and succeeding online as it has evolved and changed. We were here before everyone else AND we are still here after most.

Much like you, we started online against all odds with only one goal in mind: WIN.

Let our experience guide you on your internet journey and help you avoid the pitfalls of the underinformed. We will help level the playing field and explain the lay of the land. We provide information where there is a void. We are not a faceless blogger or comment poster.

Everything is possible when you have a loyal and honest advisor who shares a common objective. Now we want YOU to WIN. No matter what your individual needs, we plug in our expertise and experience and proceed to achieve the results and effects you need now. Schedule a consultation with us to see if we are the right fit for your business goals.

We look forward to pleasantly surprising you.




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We are located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the United States of America.

We're always here to answer questions or help in any way we can. Just shoot us an email.

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"I sat gazing at the monitor, dreaming of the possibilities."

Indeed, that was the beginning.

Well... probably not exactly. Maybe it was that first business opportunity style chain letter I got in the mail sometime in 1999. But I'm actually convinced it all started when I was younger; much younger. Raking leaves in yards and shoveling snow, before sun-up when others slept in and well after dark long after others had given up. Helping neighbors clean out their garages and mowing grass on the weekends. Throwing that extra bag up on the truck for the trash man. Don't forget carrying the groceries in for Mom. Or how about the two impossibly huge paper routes that I grew and delivered for many years at all hours in any weather. Learning how to negotiate and interact positively and favorably with customers and clients, even at a disadvantage, even if it was lack of experience or even age. Showing responsibility and initiative, even when the pay-off was small.

It has always been important to me to show and demonstrate responsibility, initiative, accountability throughout the course of any given project, no matter how big or small, no matter who the client. Being honest and organized, having a plan and an unbeatable strategy. Overcoming obstacles and insurmountable odds. Achieving more where others saw no more room for growth. Finishing what was started. The right way. Every time.

It has been my operating mantra, since my first real job as a busboy in a fine dining restaurant all the way through my more recent resignation as an accomplished and well-rounded career General Manager. It has been the personality that has been best responded to. It has been the characteristic that has earned me respect and accolades. It is the toolkit I turn to, time and time again. It really IS that simple.

Thirty years later, not much has changed. Business Management remains my passion and helping others grow and succeed quickly and efficiently by using my gifts and well-honed talents of organization, hard work, and communication continues to excite and invigorate me daily. Allowing others to sidestep the follies of my travels and close the time-experience gap brings a smile to my face all of the time. While most doctors get a great, warm feeling knowing they may have just vastly improved the immediate and long term health of their patient, I get a similar feeling knowing that my efforts, through consulting, collaborating, developing and strategizing is doing the same for the financial health of our client base and their businesses, no matter how large or small, no matter what the sector or objectives. If your upstart or existing venture needs the kind of results that only a dedicated, organized and relentless professionals like my team and I can provide, I urge you to contact us at once to set up an interview to identify your individual needs and determine if we can be the partner you need in achieving your business hopes and dreams. You'll discover we make a great team and that we're always happy to help.